Roda do Mês (June)

Roda do Mês




「Roda do Mes」とは?




日程: 2012年6月30(毎月最終土曜日)

時間: 14:00~15:00

場所: 三鷹第三中学校

参加費: 無料

服装: GBC T-shirt

Roda do Mês


All Grupo Bantus Capoeira Japan students are invited to join in on the action. Advanced students, Bantus Capoeira Kids (plus friends and family), and Saturday night Beginners class students.

This is your chance to meet all the other members of your Bantus Capoeira family and have some fun in the roda.

What is the “Roda do Mês”?

A traditional roda (game) of capoeira with:

Three berimbaus, atabaque, and pandeiro (reco-reco & agogô), singing, and lots of good energy!

Open to all capoeiristas (especially students of GBCJ)

Date: Saturday 30th June, 2012. (Last Saturday of the month)

Time: 2.00pm-3.00pm

Location: Mitaka Dai San Chugakkou

Cost: Free for all guests. No extra charge for students.

Clothes: Please wear your GBC T-shirt.

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