About the Class

In our classes students increase their flexibility, agility, balance, fitness, and self-confidence. They practice music, singing, and the beautiful movements of capoeira. Beginners are always welcome, and often experience an incredible transformation in their lives! Classes are taught in a safe, fun and friendly environment in English, Japanese, and Portuguese.

About the Kids Capoeira Class

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About the Beginners Capoeira Class

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About the Capoeira Culture Class

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What do I have to wear?

Wear comfortable pants and a sports T-shirt or Tank Top. Track pants are good, if you have a capoeira abada and t-shirt from another group, you are welcome to wear that.
Bantus Members: You must wear a Bantus uniform or Bantus street clothes every class. The cord from your batizado must always be worn with the white Bantus uniform, but never with other pants.

What do I have to bring?

Bring a sweat towel and a bottle of water. Please don’t eat during the class, but come with enough energy to burn.

During winter, bring some indoor sports shoes and a tracksuit to warm up in.

  • Drink Bottle
  • Sweat Towel
  • Indoor Shoes and warm-up gear in Winter
  • Extra t-shirt in Summer

How much does the class cost?

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Do I need to be a member?

The membership fee is ¥7500 per year starting in April. Membership is valid until the following March. Membership entitles you to special offers on Bantus Capoeira clothes and merchandise. You can become a member after 5 classes. If you’ve been to at least 10 classes/3 months, and you want to keep coming, it’s about time you joined! You’ll also receive Sports Insurance, a Bantus Capoeira t-shirt, and capoeira lyrics book to help you learn the songs.

What does the class involve?

Classes consist of a combination of traditional martial arts, yoga, Capoeira and modern sports science exercises to warm up. Followed by singing, whole class, individual, and partner exercises. Classes finish in a roda of music and Capoeira, where students demonstrate the techniques they have learnt in that night’s class, and from previous classes.

How long does the class go for?

Please check the schedule