Kids Capoeira Class

Kids Capoeira Classes



Don’t miss this chance to enrol your kids in capoeira class. Instructor Caçapa brings 10 years of experience teaching capoeira to Japanese and Non-Japanese children and youth at Japanese and International schools across Tokyo and in Australia!

Thanks again for the workshops. The students are still talking about them!

P.E Teacher
K International School, Tokyo

What is capoeira?

At Bantus Capoeira Japan we teach capoeira from a holistic approach and students will learn how to:

Play the game

Play the instruments

Sing the songs

other benefits include:

Improved fitness, flexibility, and reflexes

Improved confidence, self-awareness, and understanding of the world


Classes are taught in English and Japanese, and songs are sung in Portuguese!

Cost: First Class: 0yen (FREE).
Members Fee: 4000yen (includes T-Shirt & sports insurance).
Class Fee: 1500yen

Age: 4-14 years old