Kids Capoeira Class


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Professor Caçapa, September, 2017

Kids Capoeira Classes



Don’t miss this chance to enrol your kids in capoeira class. Instructor Caçapa brings 10 years of experience teaching capoeira to Japanese and Non-Japanese children and youth at Japanese and International schools across Tokyo and in Australia!

Thanks again for the workshops. The students are still talking about them!

P.E Teacher
K International School, Tokyo

What is capoeira?

At Bantus Capoeira Japan we teach capoeira from a holistic approach and students will learn how to:

Play the game

Play the instruments

Sing the songs

other benefits include:

Improved fitness, flexibility, and reflexes

Improved confidence, self-awareness, and understanding of the world


Classes are taught in English and Japanese, and songs are sung in Portuguese!

Cost: First Class: 0yen (FREE).
Members Fee: 4000yen (includes T-Shirt & sports insurance).
Class Fee: 1500yen

Age: 4-14 years old