Inokashira Kokaido

Inokashira Kokaido (Inokashira Koukaidou Public Hall)

Tōkyō-to Mitaka-shi Inokashira 5丁目10-24


From Kichijoji Station (JR Chuo Line or Keio Inokashira Line)

Take the Minami Guchi/Koen Guchi (South/Park) Exit down the escalator. Walk straight with ココカラファイン (Cocokara Fine Drug Store) on your right, until you cross the street to get to OIOI Marui Department store (2min).
Walking with Marui on your left, take the first left, and walk straight until you enter Inokashira Koen Park (5min).
Walk straight down the steps, until you cross the two bridges over Inokashira Pond. Keep walking straight up the steps passing the Koban (Police Box) on your left. Walk up these steps and keep going straight until you walk under a big Torri gate (2.5min).
Walk out onto Inokashirakoen Dori and you will see Family Mart on your right, Marunaka Supermarket in front on you, and Inokashira Kokaido on your left.

Total Time: 10min